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Ascend. To go up or climb. To rise through.

In other words, level up.

I recall making repeated bad decisions when it came to men and sex. At the root of it all? The love and good self-esteem I THOUGHT I had was absent. I was so confused! But I later learned (after things ended with the man I thought I was going to marry) that the love for myself was NOT what it should have been. I had to ascend.

Because when you ascend, you escape a place of bottom feeding. You know, bottom feeders are those who profit from things cast off or left over by others. A bottom feeder is a person who preys upon or panders to the base qualities of others. Often associated with opportunist and bottom of the food chain. I don’t want to stand by and watch another single Christian woman fall into this category when her Father owns cattle on a thousand hills. He owns a palace so roaming with pigs is something beneath us!

Listen, half of 2024 is almost over and it’s time to ascend for the 2nd half.
As a Christian dating coach and online dating consultant... 

I am DESPERATE to see you make better choices and decisions in your love life.
I am DESPERATE to see you change the kind of men you attract and entertain (because you deserve an MVP).
I am DESPERATE to see you heal from Self-Love Deficit Disorder.
Because it’s real! And it'll lead to you repeatedly connecting with the same kind of man that broke you 4 years ago.
I am DESPERATE to see you ascend and get heavy on the self-love. Not to replace the need for romance, but to help you love, be love, and get love.

Register for the 21 day self-love challenge that will help you level up in your desired love life. You can't win until you're right within, sis. Let's make the rest of 2024 amazing because you finally said yes to YOU!

21 days, 21 videos, 21 challenges, $21

We begin 7/1/2024

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