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Group Coaching

Cuttin' Season

It's that time of year. Cuddlin' and cuffin'. Thankfully we’re thinking of marriage God’s way instead of hooking up the world’s way! We're not cuffin', we're cuttin'! Let's get rid of bad habits that have held us back and get out of our own way when it comes to men, money, toxicity, purpose, spiritual stagnation, etc. For 4 weeks, in this group coaching you're going to hear lectures, watch videos, endure training, complete assignments, have prayer, and much more. The great part? There's a private community with other women JUST LIKE YOU!  This is an investment of only $129 that will start your 2021 off RIGHT! Click here to pay deposit or enroll here!

*Next class begins 12/7/20

"This was an awesome teaching! I didn’t know how much I needed this course and I’m already so glad I signed up!!!"

S. Brooks

"I now know that we are the variable in receiving the blessings God has for us. Whether we're the contributor or the hinderance. My God. Good stuff!"

I. Brown

New Love Language

This 12 week transformation program is about reprogramming and re-learning everything you thought you knew about love. 12 weeks of preparation for a whole new you. These 3 months will change you - change your mindset, change your habits, change your future. But only if you show up prepared and come ready to do the work - the work on you. This is an investment of only $497 (if paid at one time) that could pay off for years to come! And, I have even made it possible for you to secure your spot with only half the payment. If you want a new love language, I want to work with you to create it. Click here to pay deposit or enroll below!

*Next class begins 2/1/21

New Lease (VIB)

The packages listed below are customizable for my Very Important Believers based on individual needs. Each month includes 4 1-hr sessions. If an installment payment plan is needed, please email me


This is for the woman who needs help getting unstuck or to receive some clarity regarding where she currently is. It's a favorite among my ladies, as it is often times one of the keys to a happier, healthier, and fulfilled life as a believer. My job is to give you the tools and techniques to achieve a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle while getting you to use the tools you already possess. After several sessions, you will become well-versed at handling issues, with guidance of the Holy Spirit, whenever and wherever they arise. Together we'll 

  • Evaluate your goals

  • Discover who you are to your core

  • Identify the negative limiting belief you have and why it's interfered with your goal(s)

  • Create a plan to achieve your goals


Ready to navigate the dating waters but you're not sure where to start? Choose this! There's nothing wrong with preparing and working now. With Christ at the center, we can show you how to emerge as a confident, beautiful woman ready to meet her partner. Tell me what your dating life has been like and then what your goals are. Let's create a plan that will get you on the scene as a self-aware woman able to handle conversations, attract male attention, and boldly lean forward. ​If you want to do an online dating profile, let's do it! 


As a relationship coach and certified workshop facilitator for Enlightened Relationships, I provide tools and tips to help couples understand their partners, discover themselves, and work together to have a fulfilling relationship. It's hard to believe but women and men are wired differently. Either there's over-communicating, under-communicating, or no communicating at all. Sometimes, communication is taking place but comprehension is lacking. In this case, nothing gets resolved.

Breakout (VIB)

Breakout programs have specific stages I take Very Important Believers through and they last 6 months. They consist of 2 monthly coaching sessions (60 min each) ​, assignments, challenges, and contact with the me in between.​ For each program, the cost is  $1300 if paid in full or 6 payments of $299.

Healing Me

Inner Healing is something that a lot of women don't realize they struggle with. From daddy/mommy issues, fear of abandonment, rejection, etc, the list goes on. What I will say is that 95% of my clients have daddy issues to some degree. This program will help you with that. Through 6 stages, I'll jump in the hole with you and help you come out.

New Me

Based on my most popular Breakout power session, this is for the woman who's had enough of the old and is ready for the new! Let's go back and start from the beginning. From there, we can get you to the place you desire to be in love. 

Cutting Ties

I repeat that it's imperative to cut ties because I see women bound by many things. Bad habits, sex, dead-end relationships, toxic traits, a particular man or type of man, etc. It's held them up. They've tried to break free and it hasn't worked well for them. It's time to change that. 

No More Lonely Nights

Based on my best selling workshop, this program is for the woman ready to prepare while she says, and work while she waits. If you're healed, whole, and tired of being single, let's do it!

The Sassy Institute (self-paced)

TSI is a 12-month self-paced coaching program for the woman that wants to take her time to tend to all aspects of herself in order to win at love. I teach that self-love encompasses 5 Phases:

  • physical health

  • financial status

  • mental health

  • emotional state

  • spiritual evolution

TSI takes you through this and more! Because it helps you date, attract a good man, get and keep his attention, be a holy girlfriend, and SOOOOO much more. Click here to enroll!

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