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New Heart Academy
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"This New Heart Academy is tough. That’s what it is.  It’s rough and it’s tough.  I see [my] issues. But

I feel like there is no need anymore to be afraid of the future. I feel like God delivered me from the previous trauma... I'm ready to dream again." 

S. Miller

This 12-week transformational academy can be best described as the one-stop win at love shop.  It's literally about renewing your heart and mind in order for you to win at love. No more playing around! From day 1, we're going in with examining your current heart so you can learn exactly why things haven't been working for you. From there we'll spend time covering a wide array of topics. 12 weeks of renewal and transformation for a whole new heart. Because everything you do flows from the condition of your current heart. These 3 months will change you - change your mindset, change your habits, change your future. This is an investment of $1782 that will pay off for years to come! Because you're going to get a mighty return in the form of an amazing relationship and love story IF you do the work. And, I have even made it possible for you to secure your spot with 1/4 of the payment. If you want a new heart as you travel on the path to discover lasting love, I want to work with you to create it. Click here to pay deposit or enroll below! Learn more here.

*Next session begins 4/19/23