Thought by now you would've had a real man?

Unsure why God hasn’t already sent you a good one when you’re an entree and not a snack?

Are you sick of dead end situationships and datingships that end in disappointment?

Are you just about frustrated & fed up with men and dating in 2020?






If you answered yes to any of those then you have absolutely come to the right place and your lonely nights are coming to an end!











Girl, I have been where you are! I can assure you that I was in the same boat for years. Yes, years! I tried online dating, praying, listening to the advice of other men, the whole 9. I recall having sex to keep a man and foregoing sex to be rewarded with a husband. I read the books, watched the videos, did the work, and still NOTHING. So without a doubt, I am your “me-too person.” Everything you’re feeling? Me too! I get it, 100%. But there was something that I was missing… 
I had not found peace and solace in my solitude. 
I had no idea what love truly was (especially since I didn’t know how to love myself).
I had not healed from the past, as I was repeating the toxic cycles.
I wanted marriage for all the wrong reasons.






























I have strategically created a 12-week program that will help you gather your entire life! It will demolish all that you thought you knew. Each week, you’ll join 24 other women in the same boat as you from the convenience of your home.  I’m going to take you from broken to better. From frustrated to fearless. From annoyed to amazed. I’m going to help you become the woman that the man you’re looking for is looking for. Imagine he’s ready and you’re not? What if you’re the hold-up because you’re not doing this one thing? You’re going to walk away with a newfound love language so you can truly be ready for the man that deserves you. 
In these 12 weeks you’ll:
*Learn how your relationship with God can actually help you overcome your "need" for a man (the flesh can get in the way of your decision-making, which is why you have to listen to your spirit instead. I'll show you how!)
*Determine what to do when those late-night text messages come in and you feel the urge to respond (Those are your most vulnerable hours, and men who mean you no good know that!)
*Learn where the loneliness stems from (what is causing you to feel that "need"? Why can't you shake that desire for love, for sex, for a body - any body? I will help you uncover the root of your loneliness.)
*Discover why sex is used as a weapon while single and married (Did you know sex could be a weapon? It can, and it often is. Learn how stop playing this dangerous game!)
*Learn what it truly means to be a woman and how you can use that to your advantage even now (as a woman, you are a powerful, influential being, and your presence in a relationship matters. But only if you know your power. Let me teach you!)
*Learn what’s meant by a husband being the “provider and protector” and how you should apply that to men in this season (You, like me, probably misunderstood that whole "independent woman" thing. It's time to unlearn the lies and re-position yourself, queen.)
*See what submission actually means and how to be a godly wife (There’s even a key to remembering all this while single and dating. I’ll teach you!)
*Learn how to handle the feelings of loneliness, rejection and insecurity (these are the feelings that cause single women to rush into dysfunction – not anymore!)

Sis, if you have tried most of the dating sites but you’re still single…
If you’ve taken the advice but nothing has worked…
If you’ve prayed and promised to do right yet nothing has changed…
Then know that I have the solution you’ve been waiting on! Let’s destroy all of your previous thoughts, tricks, and gimmicks when it comes to love while you’re dating today. It’s time to rebuild!
The full cost of this 12-week coaching program is only $497. That's 12 full weeks of reprogramming and re-learning everything you thought you knew about love. 12 weeks of preparation for a whole new you. These 3 months will change you - change your mindset, change your habits, change your future. If you show up prepared and come ready to do the work - the work on you. This is an investment that could pay off for years to come! And, I have even made it possible for you to secure your spot with only half the payment. If you want a new love language, I want to work with you to create it. 
Trust me, this is nothing like the other things you’ve done in the past - even programs and coaching you've done with me! It’s time for complete transformation!
CTA: Pick your payment option below to grab one of limited spaces. Save when paid in full at $497, or do 2 payments of $260
*The first 10 to enroll receive a customized "Love Box", just in time for Valentine's Day.  

Next class begins 2/8/21

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"Overthinking has plagued me for YEARS when it comes to men. Now I know why. No more overthinking! Yes! Thanks! This was awesome!"

S. Brooks

"Whew! The class on giving respect was great"

K. Stribling

"I now know that we are the variable in receiving the blessings God has for us. Whether we're the contributor or the hinderance. My God. Good stuff!"

I. Brown

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