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When you're an amazing woman, yet still... single 

and ready to do something about it!

You feel like you're supposed to be with your person, but it hasn't happened yet...

The rules and advice given don't seem to be helping...

You thought that SURELY by now you would’ve at least met your godly man (let alone be married),

but here you are in 2024 still putting family as your emergency contact.


But what if I told you I could help put an end to that?

My VIB clients are doing the work, dating well, getting proposed to, and even changing their last names. Literally, 2 just got married in 2023!

Let me tell you something that will ease your mind: you’re not alone in how you feel! That I can guarantee you. Because I help Christian women date and get dates. But the thing is this… if you still have heart issues, then keeping a man interested to the point of seeing a future with and wanting to marry you will be a struggle. We can easily say, “well that just means the man wasn’t marriage material. Duh.” And while that may be true, here’s what I know: Until you examine your heart fully, you’ll find that you may never attract, keep the attention of, receive the adoration of, and get the commitment from YOUR ideal man. And while I help women of all races, I know that Black women struggle in the area of love and romance more than any other group. There are things that are embedded based on experience, upbringing, and even DNA. It's why there are heart issues that exist. And it can hinder you settling down with a good man.

I want to change your heart, sis.

I know the importance of this because I had done it all. As in, I went through my “healing process” (whatever that is), I read the books (all of them), watched the YouTube videos, typed “I receive it” after the “you’re next” posts, prayed, fasted, revised my list, became abstinent, did the prayer challenge, cleansed my home, etc. I literally did it all. But nothing worked. And it’s because I was saved but I wasn’t delivered. I wasn’t delivered from my own heart. And the men that I met and entertained made that evident. Listen to a bit of my testimony in this video! 


The heart is something so powerful. It has facets and combinations that explore the depths of humanity (spirit), science, and our faith. And it was when I got serious about my heart and transformed it, that I was able to fall in love with Mr. Wonderful. And I want to help you meet yours, as well. 

New Heart Academy is a 6-month Christian academy for single women who are READY. Ready to do the work. Ready to win! It is going to help you renew your heart to attract the man you're praying for. It'll help you love, be love, and receive love. To live and love like the woman of God you are. Because it's your turn to win at real love! I know this is nothing like you’ve seen, done, or participated in before. God slowly downloaded this academy to me over a period of months. And I was nervous before putting it out. And mainly because it was sooooo good! You know how Satan will have you questioning something that’s God-ordained? That’s me and NHA! The more He revealed to me what His daughters needed, and what was getting in between them, their prayers, their desires, and their promise, I knew I had to say "yes!" I said yes because of women like YOU. Women, like you, who deserve to win at love. Yes, God said He’d give you the desires of your heart, sis. But here’s what He also said. “And I will give you a new heart, and I will put a new spirit in you. I will take out your stony, stubborn heart and give you a tender, responsive heart.” Ezekiel 36:26 Wow! 












































A man who respects you and is loyal to you is desirable. But those are the "duh" factors. What you deserve and desire beyond the "duh" factors is a man who listens to you, adores you, and values you. And a renewed heart via NHA will help you attract one.  Don’t be surprised if you meet him in the midst of you doing the work because your heart transformation begins week 1, day 1! That’s just how intense and serious this is. Now, let me tell you. This isn’t for someone who wants to go through a wife prep program or anything similar to what’s out there. This isn't for you if you're wanting to be further educated for something that may happen one day. No, this is for SERIOUS, READY women who want to experience and get ready for Kingdom Love now. You know, the real love that can’t be faked or denied. That love brings you a peace that surpasses anything you experienced before.



Being a dating coach for Christian women like you is rewarding. Because I get to help women discover who they are, Write the Vision, Positively Position themselves, and get out of their own way so they can win. I'm also a life and relationship coach, so I get to combine many things in NHA to help you expedite your transformation process. From intentional dating to confident communication... from the power a godly woman possesses to intimacy... from faith to understanding men. Girl, if you’re ready to experience love for real, and you need a one-stop-shop to make it happen, you came to the right place (or page). Because I know you’ve joined webinars, enrolled in classes, and read way too many books! You’ve been encouraged after the sermons and received the word from the prophet. All these things yet your heart still desires a love you have yet to experience. 

You should believe me if I said “been there, done that” because it’s the truth. I spent years crying (literally) and frustrated when I would love a man so much to the point that it hurt. Yet he couldn’t feel what was palpable to me. Tragic! So probably everything you’ve tried? Me too! I get it. But even with all the work, tears, and prayers, something was missing. And I share my story in depth in NHA. But there are 4 things you'll takeaway:

  • 1 thing for you to do wisely (often missed but I'm going to teach you)

  • 2 most important things your future man will need from you (you'd be surprised at how simple they are)

  • 3 core things for you to know while single (game changers that will help you even when casually dating)

  • 4 marriage killers that you can overcome NOW (because it all starts in this stage)

Quarter 1: Healing your heart and renewing your mind

Quarter 2: Creating your new vision and obtaining the dating skills to match

Quarter 3: Learning what you need to know about communication and your future man 

Quarter 4: Dating confidently with your new heart and attracting your peron

How will NHA help me?

It’s time to transform so you can win. Your language is based on the condition of your heart and you’ve, unfortunately, been on the losing side thus far. I can promise you, a new heart will help you detect love and discover a lasting love. I’m here to help you safely fall in love from a healthy, whole place. 

Your heart is comprised of the mind, emotions, and will. And what women don't realize is that there's spirit, science, and humanity behind the heart itself. The latter, humanity, is what prolongs the love life my clients desire. But I want to teach you things on all 3 facets.

I want you to experience a love that will lasts. And this academy will take you from single and frustrated to ready for love! 

Because you're going to

  • Literally renew your heart via a Heart Exam from day 1. We're cleaning the muck that has held you back and up. Your language is based on the condition of your heart. What do men hear you speaking?

  • Then let's establish your foundation. What gifts have God given you that are going to contribute to your relationship and future marriage? Often times there's frustration while dating because we're trying to freely give to men something God has placed in us for ONE special man. There's a way for you to love a man from day 1 all while guarding your heart until he's earned it. And I'm going to teach you that.

  • And you're going to create. Creating boundaries, a vision, and a new dating strategy that has intention behind it. No more being disgusted with modern dating and inconsistent men. 

What you'll get

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Pay in full today to get full access to NHA in addition to Simplicity dating masterclass, the Freedom in Forgiveness workshop, and 2 ADDITIONAL 60-min coaching sessions! Those things alone are valued at $996! 

No more auditioning and trying to prove yourself...

No more doubting if real love will happen for you...

No more wondering where the good men are (time to attract the MVPs naturally)...

No more looking shocked when you realize a man wasn't serious after all...

No more "I never saw that coming!" ...


Your love life WILL change when your heart transforms. 

Trust me, this is nothing like the other things you’ve done in the past - even programs and coaching you've done with me! It’s time for complete transformation! Real love and godly men exist. I no longer want you asking, "But where?" The answers are inside NHA! 


Enrollment includes:

  • bi-weekly masterclasses (12 in total) along with physical workbook

  • 1-hour Win at Love Transformation session

  • 90-day personalized Transformation Blueprint customized to YOUR needs

  • Monthly live group accountability coaching in our PRIVATE community

  • bi-weekly live Q&A

  • 12 challenges to ensure you're on track to winning at love

  • Challenge and assessment reviews to properly guide you

  • lifetime access to all materials even once you graduate. 


Pay Monthly
Pay in Full & get the bonuses!

Pay in full today to get full access to NHA in addition to Simplicity dating masterclass, the Freedom in Forgiveness workshop, and 2 ADDITIONAL 60 min coaching sessions! Those things alone are valued at $996! 


"I began working with Coach Vee and I've seen a drastic, DRASTIC change! With myself and relationships. I wasn't sure how the program would work but it literally shifted the trajectory of my life and my relationship. I'm so happy I took the plunge and took a chance on ME!"

A. Porter

"I've had the pleasure of working with this Woman of God! She is highly anointed, professional, and knows her stuff! It's more than a session, it's a life changing event that incorporates Christian values, Holy spirit filled wisdom/knowledge that will impact your life in a phenomenal way! I highly recommend for those of you who are seeking clarity, direction, and guidance concerning the matters of your life! I thank God for our crossing paths! #lifechanging You won't be disappointed!"

Q. Stephens


"Hallelujah!!! I can't thank God enough for ALL THE HELP you've given me! To God be the glory and many thanks to you, my dating coach. God did such a quick work through you."

B. Nguyuza

But can this help ME?

It can and it will if you show up ready to do the work. Truthfully, this is for the single woman of Christian faith that is tired of waiting, feeling like God is blessing everyone but her with a good man. 

The one who has heard every piece of advice but realizes it's not working for her.

The one who's tried online dating, praying, and a vision board, but ... nothing. 

An open mind, teachable spirit, and serious attitude is all that I need from you as your coach. You've just got to show up. Each masterclass in this 6-month academy will give you the framework, methods, and specific strategies for your Kingdom Love experience. Because  I want to have your testimony on here for the next enrollment session!

Sis, love isn't eluding you. You're simply in the phase RIGHT before major transformation takes place. All you have to do is come on in! Because in NHA, you'll have many "wow" and "aha" moments when you see how faith, science, and mental all come together. 



Pay Monthly!
Pay in Full and get the bonuses!
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