If being single has you feeling frustrated and you're just unsure what you've been doing wrong as a Christian woman, then I have something just for YOU! Not only have I learned what women are doing wrong, but I also have actual steps on how to get YOUR good man. I spent years trying to learn this. And it only took only took datingships, situationships, one-night stands, bad decisions, ghosting (from both sides), conviction, redemption, the Holy spirit, a male coach, and a certificate to realize what dating is all about. Now I’m your new favorite dating coach! I'm your professional BFF that will tell it like it is AND get you results! I did a workshop with exercises, facts, Truth, and step by step guidance on getting women the love they deserve! You can access it below. For the entire No More Lonely Nights process, see below!

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I've strategically created a 4-phase multi-step process for No More Lonely Nights. My true goal is to put an end to your lonely nights, but not with any man. But with YOUR husband. I think the problem is that too many women dive head first into the dating scene, bypassing some of the most crucial and critical steps. I applaud those that want to go in order. I commend those that aren't in a rush if it means getting it right. A wedding is nice, but we want marriage GOD'S WAY! Below you'll see the 4 phases. 1-3 can be accessed via my course platform, Thinkific. You get access to several eBooks, masterclasses, training videos, crash courses, webinars, etc via the No More Lonely Nights program that is self-paced. It's $379 and can be accessed here. Phase 4 will be launched June 2020. Stay tuned!


Phase 1 is where you heal, find contentment, discover yourself, and discover your purpose. Not being on one accord is the reason many marriages fail. And I've seen instances where a woman found herself and discovered herself after meeting the man. It typically doesn’t end well...

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Phase 2. So, you know yourself. You've found yourself. You LOVE yourself. Awesome! Once you're at this point, nothing is wrong with snapping twigs and putting yourself out there in a way that is still honorable. Let's venture out...


Phase 3 It's go time, baby! Enough games! Let's be active and intentional when it comes to dating, doing so with a purpose: marriage!


Phase 4. Stay tuned for the marital bliss program! You finally met him and you want to keep him. You want to be in a marriage that brings honor to God, because it's done the right way. Even before the vows, you can take proper steps for that now.