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Before Bae (Workshop)

Before Bae (Workshop)

Want to know how to get closer to the man YOU desire?

I can assure you that I get it and you're in the right place! I've been there before. And after a breakup in 2017, I almost lost my mind! Yet in the midst of my pain, God told me to reach His daughters. Many know me as the life and dating coach. But few know that I'm also a certified relationship coach! I'm also a certified Enlightened Relationship workshop facilitator. And one of the programs I had to go through before being certified was Finding Your Soul Mate. Now I want to teach you ladies!

Here I flood you with information in this interactive, engaging workshop. Step by step, I'm going to teach you...
*what love is and when to love
*what an enlightened relationship is
*how to become aware of your patterns
*how to write the vision
*how to change who you entertain
*and so much more!


This is for those that are tired of the counterfeits and are ready to have a love life. Let's find out what you need to do BEFORE bae in order to find out where he is. 

  • File Format

    Word document that includes link and instructions. There will be a separate email with all the PDF worksheets for the workshop

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$23.00Sale Price
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