Effective Prayer coaching

Effective Prayer coaching

One of the things I hear the most from other Christians is that they don't know how to pray. Or they don't think that Jesus hears or cares. It saddens me because many feel this way. Prayer is our direct connection with God. While there is necessarily no right or wrong way to pray, there ARE things that can hinder prayers being answered.

Let's examine what the Bible says about prayer. Let's look at ways that people in the Bible prayed. Let's see how Jesus Himself prayed!


  • PDF w/ MP3: this kit is self-guided and downloadable. Links are in the workbook and you can even listen to the audio with the links that are embedded. Everything you need is within the workbook!
  • Workbook w/ disc: this is a physical workbook that will be mailed to you. All audio will be on the accompanying compact disc(s)
  • Class style: you have the option of PDF, physical workbook, OR having material emailed to you daily. You also receive weekly feedback and limited conversation with your Coach throughout the duration of the teaching!


*2 weeks class style