Be Healed course

Be Healed course

Broken people are not healthy people. And they are people that are not ready for a relationship or commitment. Aside from that, they deserve to be healthy, whole and healed for themselves! 

Are you still carrying wounds from your childhood? Mommy and/or daddy issues? A broken heart? Years of self-sabotage? It's time to BE HEALED! This course is like the Be Healed webinar but on steroids. It's a 2 week course that looks at your childhood, your early adult years, why healing is important, and HOW to heal. 


  • PDF w/ MP3: this kit is self-guided and downloadable. Links are in the workbook and you can even listen to the audio with the links that are embedded. Everything you need is within the workbook!
  • Workbook w/ disc: this is a physical workbook that will be mailed to you. All audio will be on the accompanying compact disc(s)



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