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My Little Pink Book (Journal)

My Little Pink Book (Journal)

This isn’t the first in the My Little Pink Book series, but it’s the first one designed specifically for single women. Being a life, love, and dating coach has opened my mind to many things as I’ve learned  the wiring of men vs women. Specifically I’ve learned that there’s an abundance of women who are grown in age, but little girls at heart due to trauma and daddy issues. I see that love is desired and coveted, but often times absent on more than one level.

  This fillable journal is packed with quotes and scriptures on love, questions, win at love strategies, and even challenges that will all be power-filled in an effort to really make you pause, reflect, and dig deep. I’ll make you question, evaluate, and increase your self-esteem, love for self, relationship readiness, and more.

  Filled also with prayers, you’re going to be that much closer to being prepared for what you’ve been praying for. For now, dwell in God’s love and develop self-love, sis. These are vital before attempting to discover real love.

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