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My Little Pink Book of Prophecies

My Little Pink Book of Prophecies

A prayer journal has been introduced!


This isn’t the first in the My Little Pink Book series, but it is the first book of self-proclaimed prophecies. When you read the Bible and hear God speak to you, that is true prophecy. We often want a word from a pastor, a friend, or even a prophet. But we have the power and authority to speak life into our situations when we’re grounded in the truth and know the Word of God.

Let’s join together and speak life over your marriage, your future spouse, your children, your womb, your business, your dreams, and so much more. Not only are you going to declare these things out loud as you read them, but you’re going to write down the date that each one becomes your anthem, and then write down when it came to pass.


Filled also with prayer starters, places for notes, and scriptures, you’re going to be unstoppable with your new found prophetic advantage.

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