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NMLN - Are you ready?

Stage 1 of the No More Lonely Nights process is discovering if you're even ready for what you're praying for. If not, no worries! You'll get ready with this deal! 15 weeks will take you on a journey of healing, finding contentment, and learning what marriage is truly all about. And much more! This includes


  • Debunking the Fairy-tale of Boaz ebook (Week 1)
  • HCP (Healing Contentment Preparation) masterclass (Weeks 2-5)
  • Healed 2 week course (Weeks 6-7)
  • Road to Contentment masterclass (Weeks 8-13)
  • Loving Me webinar (Week 14)
  • Journey of Love ebook (Week 14)
  • SELFIE crash course (Week 15)
  • 3 60 min coaching sessions (monthly)