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2023 Saved and Single Retreat

"Let's take a Selfie"

Time to snap some pics and look inward in order to move forward!

12/7 - 12/10/23
3 Nights in Black Mountain, NC


It's time for the annual SAS Retreat!


Ladies, I hope you're ready for some self-reflection, self-development, and WORK! As moms, friends, businesswomen, employees, etc, we often show up for everyone else and neglect ourselves. We smile. We say we're OK. We socialize. Yet often, we plead with God, cry ourselves to sleep, compare ourselves to other women, and struggle with loving and accepting ourselves fully. 

Time for that to change!

The theme this year is "I'm Taking a Selfie" because I want you committed to show up and do the honest work when it comes to your selfie issues. And when I say "selfie" I mean self-esteem, self-worth, self-acceptance, self-love, and self-respect. 

This year, we'll be at a private cabin in Black Mountain, NC from 12/7 - 12/10/23 (3 nights).

We'll depart from Charleston, SC at approximately 9 AM, shortly thereafter having a prayer breakfast. At the cabin, we'll have different activities and sessions as we fellowship, evolve, and go under construction. Be prepared to get real, raw, and honest with a group of 11 other women doing the same thing!

We'll depart the cabin around 11 AM on the 10th. It's approximately a 4.5 hour drive from Charleston to Black Mountain. 

The total is $650 per attendee. This covers transportation, lodging, supplies, and meals at the cabin. There are 3 different payment options. Choose which works best for you! If selecting an installment plan, your payment will automatically be drafted each month on the same day until paid off. All deposits and monies paid are non-refundable! Once you register, a space is coming off the roster. 

Please see the attached Covid-19 and communicable disease liability waiver. Review carefully before paying your deposit. A signed copy is required for ALL attendees! 

Come prepared to relax, eat, laugh, pray, and really do the inner work. All in a beautiful cabin with amazing views. Surrounded by women ready to share, glean, encourage, and inspire. 

I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.

Psalm 139:13-14

Woman Taking a Selfie

Time to snap some pics and look inward in order to move forward!




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