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Transformational courses to help you prepare while you pray

Are you ready to become the woman that the man you're praying for is looking for?

Realizing that you want to work on you and become a better woman instead of feeling as if you need to settle in dating and love?

If you answered yes to both, I have exactly what you need. Yes, NEED! Because I understand and I've been there. I've "dated down" telling myself that my current circumstances didn't allow me to expect more from a man. I used tricks, schemes, sex, lies, and manipulation over the years. But I was only left lonely, angry, depleted, used, and, truth be told, still single. 

What I now offer is a way to tie my life, dating, and relationship coaching skills and knowledge altogether to help women like you. Because it was only after helping myself that I found love. Enter in TSI (The Sassy Institute)! This is a 12-month online institute to take you from mess to marriage material, sis. When you can be honest and say, "I have things to work on so I can be an asset to a relationship and not a liability," that's BIG! We all want to win at love. And I'm going to help you with that, too. But let's first do things in order. Because your way hasn't been working.

TSI provides a 4-week class EVERY month on a specific topic that will help you in that area. There are prerequisites in place to ensure you don't put the cart before the horse. Each month, a new course is unlocked. These self-paced courses will help you with everything from healing to finances, from purpose to dating, from sex to self-discovery!

If you're ready to work while you wait, then this is what you've been waiting for! Again, it's all self-paced, so I won't be breathing down your neck (unless you become an Alumni member and want the added accountability). 

It's time to get the work done and be proactive in this season of your life. The work is up to you. The only promise I make is that I HELP WOMEN WIN AT LOVE! 

Are you ready to become? Select your option by subscribing below and you're in! Simple as that. Wait at least 24 hours for your enrollment email from Thinkific, my teaching platform, and you're in. Your digital course will be uploaded to your Thinkific account on the 1st of each month. Simply login to your account and do the work. And no worries, you can cancel at any time for any reason, no questions asked. Your NTLC product of the month will be shipped out at the top of each month as long as your account is still active. It's your responsibility to ensure that I have the correct mailing address on file for your physical products.

Ready to do this? You go girl! No seriously. Go enroll! 

P.S. Enroll now and get access to No More Lonely Nights, free of charge! My best selling workshop gives you 10 things to do NOW to get closer to the man you desire.

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