TSI (The Sassy Institute)

TSI is a self-paced coaching program for ladies wanting to get the work done, being proactive in this season of their lives. It's designed to help you, in a particular order, go from healing to a whole, holy girlfriend. Now, of course, there are no guarantees because the work is up to you. The only promise I make is that I HELP WOMEN WIN AT LOVE! 

So exactly how does all of this work?!

I'll be happy to explain because I'm ready to have you enrolled! The tier you choose determines what you can look forward to, and how. You'll receive an enrollment confirmation within 24 hours of subscribing. If you need to use a different email address for log-in, be sure to forward your subscription confirmation to heysis@newthinglifecoaching.com as soon as you receive it. 


You'll receive log-in information for my teaching platform as this is where digital course will be uploaded. Your NTLC product of the month will be shipped out at the top of each month as long as your account is still active. It's your responsibility to ensure that I have the correct mailing address on file for your physical products.

*For Alumni enrollees, it is your responsibility to inform me if you want the free book OR Crash Course each month. You do have the option of choosing eBook or paperback. Your enrollment confirmation will include the information for booking your sessions.


You go girl! No seriously. Enrollment is open for 2021!


When you enroll, you will automatically get access to your courses in the order you see below. YOU WILL ALWAYS START FROM THE BEGINNING. The courses have strategically been placed in a particular order. You can click the link of the title if you're seeking to purchase the course on it's own. 

  1. Road to Healing (dealing with untreated trauma and hurts from the past)

  2. Finding Contentment (becoming content in this season and one with self)

  3. Purpose & Spiritual Gift Discovery (discovering your purpose along with spiritual gifts)

  4. Who am I? (learning who you are to your core so you can be your best self)

  5. A Walk to Remember (looking at your past)

  6. Loving Me! (self-love 101)

  7. Current Currency (financial matters)

  8. Rules of Dating (how-to's as a Christian woman, including using discernment)

  9. Help me Attract a Good Man!

  10. Get him to Adore you (Once you get his attention, how do you keep it?)

  11. Teach me to Submit (marriage prep material)

  12. Wholly Girlfriend (and Christian Sex Ed) (marriage prep material)

Save between 33-40% when you purchase the 12-month program at once!

*2 pay option available upon request for annual plans only!

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