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Struggle feeling loved?

Do you self-sabotage at times?

Find yourself questioning if God truly knows and loves you?

I was #abandoned

Granted, my mom left my dad. Crazy, because she had her own abandonment issues stemming from her mother. Yet and still, my dad was in the same city, but I didn't get what I wanted. I was a 3-year-old girl who realized he never fought for me, was never consistent, and didn't give me the love I needed.

So yes. I've been abandoned. You, too?

I then began dating men who were like my father. But the worst part was taking those feelings of rejection and pain into my relationship with God. Striving for His love, attention, and blessings. Trying to see if I was His chosen and favorite, and if He would love me and reign blessings in spite of what I did. 

That didn't often go well, because I was gauging His love based on blessings. And even when I experienced chastisement and discipline, I thought I was being punished. Which is crazy because... 1 John 4:18. 

I was abandoned by my father, men, etc.


If you can relate, and you want to be free from the past, then join U2: Unabandoned, the 2 Day Workshop. This is teaching, training, and transformation all in one.  You're still plagued by a parent or loved one that failed you. And you now struggle feeling loved. You sabotage your relationships. You betray yourself often times. You fear committing and sometimes commit too soon. 

Not to mention the people pleasing, overthinking, always looking for a sign/confirmation, etc. And like me, you find yourself wondering how known and loved by God you really are. 

All signs of a fear of abandonment.

I'm going to help you be free from your abandonment issues so you can have healthy, beneficial relationships as a Christian woman.


Learn what fear of abandonment is at its core and how it disrupts relationships (even the one with God)

Get implementable tools to permanently renew your mind so you can be free from the shackles of the past (and your parents)

Finally, re-emerge as an #unabandoned woman equipped for healthy, mutually beneficial relationships


I want you to know that God hasn't left or abandoned you. And He never will. 

Join me to become unabandoned!



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