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Finally, a masterclass to help you become all that God desires for you to be so that you can be pure in mind, body, and spirit.


I know that sex and lust are 2 of those things that CAN hold us back in this season. Being tied to someone (or something) for reasons that are ungodly can hinder us greatly. This course is going to help you. Let's break soul ties, learn about purity, and take the necessary steps for you to step into your new. It's time to get delivered and purified. Then work on remaining, all on the journey of becoming. I'll be touching on many topics via various lessons and content models. Best believe there will be prayers and fasting as well, because we mean BUSINESS. It's time for a move from God!

*Do you struggle with breaking free from a soul tie?
*Do you have a lust issue you can't seem to break?
*Do you want to be purified when it comes to your thoughts and actions?
*Are you tired of being told what to do and why, but no one telling you how (besides just leading you to scripture)?


Becoming is the 4 week masterclass that will step by step take you through the process. Deliverance, purification, remaining, and becoming! As a Christian dating coach, I know that Satan will use sex and lust to wreak havoc in the lives of single women. I've learned a lot, studies a lot, and experienced a lot.


Now's the time to share it with YOU so you can be delivered! Upon purchase, you'll be registered in a digital class via Thinkific. Within 12 hours you'll be added to the course platform so you can access your course information.

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