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2nd Annual WALCon Event...

"Power of She"

6/29/24 * 10:00 AM EST
Charleston, SC

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Are you a single Christian woman with a heart full of faith, dreaming of a love story that aligns with your deepest desires?

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey to discover the divine power within you?


It's time to unlock the power within!


WALCon 2024 warmly invites you to embark on a transformative journey toward winning at love and forging a path to a happy, healthy, holy relationship. Join us for our 2nd Annual Conference, where the empowering theme is "Power of She," guiding you to tap into your divine strength, unleash the power, and change the modern dynamics of your desired love life and relationships.

God is within her and she will not fail. 

Psalm 46:5

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Strategic Keynote Sessions: Immerse yourself in powerful talks by esteemed speakers who understand the intricate balance of faith and love. Gain insights on attracting the man you've been praying for and creating a strong foundation for a lasting relationship.


Transformational Coaching: Equip yourself with practical tools and strategies designed to help you navigate the journey to a fulfilling relationship. Dive into self-discovery, effective communication, and building connections anchored in faith.


Worship and Reflection: Nurture your spirit through uplifting worship sessions and moments of reflection, helping you draw closer to your faith and divine purpose.


Heartfelt Testimonials: Be inspired by the real stories of women who have walked the path you're on, sharing their wisdom and triumphs to guide you toward your own God-ordained love story.


Connection Building Mixer: Forge meaningful connections with like-minded sisters in a supportive environment, fostering friendships and alliances that go beyond the conference.


Why should YOU be in the room?

🔒 Tap into Your Divine Power: Discover the inner strength rooted in your faith, empowering you to attract the man you're praying for and manifest a relationship that reflects God's plan for your life.

🌈 Holistic Relationship Insights: Gain a comprehensive understanding of building a healthy, Christ-centered relationship – from self-love to creating a Godly connection with your chosen partner.

🤝 Community of Support: Join a community of single, marriage-minded Christian women, providing encouragement, understanding, and shared wisdom as you navigate the journey to love.

💖 Renew Your Hope in Love: Leave WALCon 2024 inspired and equipped, ready to attract the man you desire and confident in your ability to change your connections for the better.

🎟️ Secure Your Spot at WALCon 2024: The Power of She!

Don't miss this opportunity to be part of a transformative experience dedicated to helping you win at love. Register now to secure your spot at WALCon 2024 and unlock the Power of She in your journey to a happy, healthy, holy relationship!

Register below! 

We eagerly await the joy of witnessing you embrace your divine power and transform your love story at WALCon 2024.

6/29/24  10 AM EST
Charleston, SC

(X) If you’re ready to access your power to approach love with confidence, let’s go! 
(X) If you’re ready to acquire a holistic approach to establish healthy relationships, let’s go!
(X) If you're ready to share a room with other women navitaging the same journey, let’s go!

(Unsure) If you want to allow the enemy to have you abandoning your power, this isn’t for you!
(Unsure) If you want to play it safe in life and love, this isn’t for you!
(Unsure) If you prefer to simply pray, declare, & decree without doing the work, this isn’t for you!


T. Dobson

"My God! Knowing how much my parents have affected my life and relationships is... wow. It saddens me, I'll admit. But I'm going to do the work for ME. And for my husband."


I. Brown

"I can say one thing. I've been lying to myself. That's what I've learned. I thought things from my past and childhood weren't affecting me, but subconsciously they are. This gave me a lot to think about. This was good!"


K. McLaurine

"All I can say is wow. Just wow! I want love. I want it badly. But this made me realize I've been chasing it but skirting around the real issues. This conference was amazing and eye-opening." 

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