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1st Annual WALCon Event...

Access Revoked

4/27/24 * 10:00 AM EST

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2024. The year of abundance, divine connections, and kingdom love! 
2024. The year of expedited breakthrough!

It’s your year to win, sis. Each year, you’ve been saying the previous year was your last year being single. You’ve been praying and preparing, but nothing has changed. Yet. 

And I know why. 

You want to win, but you still have some things to lose. What do I mean?

Here’s the thing. The enemy is out to steal, kill, and destroy. Meaning what? That he can only take what wasn’t his, kill things God wants to live, and destroy things he never even built. You’ve been wandering aimlessly, dating by faith, trusting God, but unaware of the strategies of the one we’re clearly instructed to be aware of. 

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. 1 Peter 5:7-8 NIV

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He’s had access to you and you’ve been unaware. You’re frustrated in the present, focused on the future. Not realizing that YOUR enemy has a strong disdain for you. And he’s using one thing and one thing only against you: your past. It’s the one thing he has access to. He’s been studying you. Your habits. He knows your type, your desires, your weaknesses, and your patterns. It’s why you’ve found yourself stuck in a cycle you’ve been unable to break. 

Until now. 

Because his access is officially REVOKED!

For years, I’ve worked with women who were unable to meet an amazing man and win at love because they were stuck in the past, unbeknownst to them. Things their mothers and grandmothers didn’t break have been keeping them in chains. Curses from generation to generation have plagued their lives as the enemy has delighted. 


You have an opportunity to start fresh this year so you can win! Join me, for the 1st annual WALCon event! What’s that? The Win at Love Conference with me, Coach Vee. As a certified life, dating, and relationship coach (along with online dating consultant), I’ve been able to help ladies experience deliverance, inner healing, and Kingdom love (in that order). 

As the New Love Strategist, I know that women tend to fail at love because their love language is skewed. No, not their preference out of the 5. I mean the way they attempt to be, show, receive, and do love with romantic interests. I give them new strategies (7 to be exact) so they can win for real. 

And it’s time for you to learn them. But first, we’re breaking chains!

Join me in  Charlotte on 8/26/23 for a powerful day you won’t forget. We’re going to praise God, declare His Word, bind up the enemy, and get to work! What I know is that THIS year is when many ladies in my community will experience accelerated breakthrough.


In this live event, you’ll...
•    Experience deliverance in areas that had you mentally and emotionally in bondage
•    Discover exactly how your past has been keeping you in chains
•    Heal from open wounds that have bled over your love life
•    Delve into the affected areas shaped by your parents that have tainted your trajectory
•    Learn what Kingdom love is so that you date and do relationships differently going forward
•    Obtain 7 implementable strategies that can IMMEDIATELY be put to use to win at love

I see a small group of women that are SERIOUS this year about doing things differently, which is why this year is going to look really different for them!

Register below! 

Sis, don’t delay! Because only limited spacing is available at this venue. And I want one to be YOURS! Let's pray, worship, eat, laugh, cry, but most importantly? Let's break chains!

4/27/24  10 AM EST
Charlotte, NC

(X) If you’re ready to face the past and be delivered, let’s go! 
(X) If you’re ready to face the ugly truths to be set free, let’s go!
(X) If you want to get out of your own way for real, let’s go!

(Unsure) If you want to allow the enemy to continue to have his way in your life, this isn’t for you!
(Unsure) If you want to allow Satan to keep the access he currently has, this isn’t for you!
(Unsure) If you prefer to simply pray, declare, & decree without doing the work, this isn’t for you!


B. Nguyuza

"Hallelujah!!! I can't thank God enough for ALL THE HELP you've given me! To God be the glory and many thanks to my dating coach. God did such a quick work through you."


I. Brown

"I now know that we are the variable in receiving the blessings God has for us. Whether we’re the contributor or the hinderance. My God!"

Ashley Porter.jpg

A. Porter

"The program, I was unfamiliar with. But it shifted the trajectory of my life and relationship. And I’m now so happy that I took the plunge and took a chance on me. I hope you don’t delay any longer. Work with her! Get your life together and you’ll never be the same." 

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