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Well, you've found yourself to the page that solves the problems for most of my ladies! Dating today can be frustrating, though it doesn't have to be. I actually state that it shouldn't be. The problem is that many are doing it all wrong. After releasing the eBook, Gettin' it On, to help with dating/courting in modern times, I realized that women needed MORE! Dating while Christian can be a world in and of itself. I get it. 

As a dating coach, I:

  • help to identify the negative limiting belief so it can be reframed in order for clients to feel more empowered while navigating the dating waters. In doing so, my clients are better able to identify potential matches, let go of the ones who aren't, and avoid self-sabotaging behaviors in order to win at love

  • help create online dating profiles that are effective, manage accounts, and teach clients how to message others in a way that gets results

  • spot the patterns women fall into that keep them from finding the right partner while pushing them to put themselves out there a bit

  • offer coaching and related products and services to improve my clients' success in dating and relationships

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Because it seems as if modern dating needs a class. And it does. As a certified dating and relationship coach, I can help you be successful if you have an open mind, determination, and teachable spirit. Register here to get 7 tips to change the game for you! Then immediately check your inbox to get access to the masterclass. I want to help you understand men, get a date, get out of the area you're currently in, and so much more!

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Dating Class

The recently released masterclass, Teach me How to Date, is the most popular for my ladies today. I give 7 strategies to change your dating life NOW! Learn how to 

  • Understand men

  • Get a date

  • Head for the "white"

And more!

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Tried & failed when it comes to dating today?

I recently did a free webinar to help women like yourself with this. Why Modern Dating isn't Working for You is going to teach you

  • what any man you meet needs from you

  • why you always get stuck at a certain stage

  • how religion interferes with our dating and love lives

  • how to handle inconsistent men

  • how to escape from the ugly area that many women find themselves in

And so much more!

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Mastering the 1st date

Because many have not discovered the art to the 1st date. It can be awkward and nerve-racking. You don't want to fumble over yourself. You want to make a good impression. You want to ensure you ask the correct questions. All that jazz. 

The main thing I need you to remember as a woman is that you are a human BEING, not doing. Don't do the most. Just be you! No need to fret or panic. He's just a guy. Either it will or won't lead to something. And that's OK! Here are some tips on how to master the first date, followed by the do's and don'ts. Lastly, I want to give you some examples of appropriate first date questions. 

  1. Be comfortable. Obviously you want to make a good first impression. Dress nice, dress appropriately, and be presentable, yes. But be comfortable in what you choose to wear. Because when nervousness is already present, it's proven that being in an outfit that is comfortable while still appealing will increase your self-esteem, allowing one to...

  2. Be calm. No need to be anxious. Again, it's just a man. So relax. Be prepared to have a good time getting to know someone a bit better. Not sure what helps you relax but be sure to do that before your date. Listen to some music that gets you pumped and makes you feel good. Ask yourself why certain emotions are present. Consider taking a bubble bath prior to heading out while listening to music and asking yourself those questions. Perfect combo. 

  3. Be open. I tell my VIB clients to remember that first dates are almost never ideal. They don't go as planned. 2 people who are nervous and wanting to make a good impression. Something stupid may get said, and yes. Maybe even something offensive. Craziness can come out when there's a stressful situation. This is not to excuse rude behavior, obviously. On a first date, a guy and I were discussing favorite TV shows. I casually mentioned how I enjoy crime shows and Investigative Discovery. He chuckled and asked why. My response? "I've never had a problem seeing people die or get killed." WRONG thing to say to someone who has served overseas and has PTSD because of those things. Offensive! It was awkward for a moment, but we bounced back. He was open. I was open. Because first dates tend to have awkward moments. So be open to another date. 2nd dates tend to have higher success rates because both persons are more relaxed.

  4. Be at peace. Because even as open as you may decide to be, get this: it might not go anywhere, still! I can't stress this enough! It's funny when many women want to ask all the important questions on the first date as to "weed out" the ones that aren't for them. No! Please stop this! Interviewing on the first date is a big no-no that is actually detrimental. Please listen to the podcast I did on Data Collecting. It dispels many of the myths that have hurt single women. 

  5. Be engaged. Be present. Ask general questions. Show that you're there in the moment. Don't stare off in space, focus on others around you, etc. Even if he's quiet or "distant" try to think of what HE may be feeling and simply be present. Strike up a conversation. My ebook, Gettin' it On, has GREAT convo starters for dates!

  6. Be kind. No matter what, be kind. No matter who does what, be kind. No matter who says what, be kind. Be courteous to him, any servers, waiters, people you come across, etc. We're not tainting our image at the end of the day, ladies. You can have a bit of sass, but remember we're still SAS: SAVED and Single! We clothe ourselves in kindness among other things.

  7. Be you. Be your true authentic self. No auditioning. Don't get caught in the performance trap. Simply show who you are. He can either take it or leave it. 

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Ideas for 1st Date Questions

  • How was your day?

  • Do you like to travel? 

  • What's one place you would revisit?

  • Anywhere you've never been but want to visit?

  • What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

  • Do you know how to cook?

  • What's a movie you can rewatch?

  • What would you do for free if money wasn't an option?

  • Would you say you've fulfilled most of your goals thus far?

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