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Known as the "New Love Strategist”, Certified life, dating, and relationship coach Victoria Baxter passionately coaches single Christian women, helping them win at kingdom love. She uses her gifts of knowledge, exhortation, and wisdom to bring hope, comfort, and clarity to women seeking answers in their singleness.
“I, myself, have struggled in this area. I know what it feels like to want love and marriage so badly, but to not be even remotely prepared for it. I encourage single women to prepare! My purpose is to help single women dwell in God’s love, develop self-love, and discover true love,” Victoria says. She had to follow her own methods and do the work before finally winning at love herself.

After horrible choices with relationships, Victoria was someone that was desperate for love, anxious to have her happily ever after. She believed in God, but didn’t necessarily trust that He would give her heart’s desire. Figuring He needed “a little help” she’d take matters into her own hands, meeting men that checked things off her superficial list of desires, and wonder, “could this be him? Is this my husband?” Enter online dating, desperately dating, sex, being driven by emotions, neediness, etc. Even after becoming abstinent, she still wound up getting her heart broken by a man that she thought she was going to marry. In her devastation, she cried out to God one day and He spoke to her clearly, telling her “reach My daughters!” She then used her pain as her platform for power, helping single women that could relate to the pain and frustration that often stems from loneliness. 
Coach Vee has self-published 7 books, including her best seller, Debunking the Fairy-tale of Boaz. In addition, she has taught live courses, workshops, and webinars, created masterclasses, hosted and spoken at numerous women’s conferences. She also hosts an inspirational and
teaching podcast, Freedom Reigns, for single Christian women across the world. 
As a daughter of the most-high
God, she uses her gifts to help her clients and audience heal, find contentment, and prepare, all with Christ at the center. “I want women to see that He is doing a new thing in their life. But first, one must forget the former things. I teach them how,” she says.

See, I am doing a new thing!
    Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?
I am making a way in the wilderness
    and streams in the wasteland.

Isaiah 43:19

Understand that working with me means being held accountable, being motivated, and receiving strategies.

I ensure that my clients receive instructive resolutions more than constructive criticism. Think of me as your professional BFF!


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What does the New Love Strategist do?


I want to hear about your goals and then I'm going to dig deep to determine what's getting in the way of you obtaining them. Click here to learn more


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