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“It is not good (beneficial) for the man to be alone; I will make him a helper [one who balances him—a counterpart who is] suitable and complementary for him.” Genesis 2:18 AMP


Are you really ready for a relationship?

It's easy to say you want one. But ready is different! Take the assessment to find out how ready you really are!

Tired of being single and you're wanting and ready to win at love?

Are you trying to figure out why it is you still have family members listed as your emergency contact? Because you thought by now, surely you'd be boo'd up! But yet there have been failed situationships, inconsistent men, and false alarms. 

It's something I know all too well. I spent yeaaarrrs of dating, not getting good results. Sure, a few good meals and a stale laugh or two, but nothing was what I wanted. Nothing lasted. Nothing was real. Some men were inconsistent, emotionally unavailable, or wanting sex without commitment. I was single, desperately dating, and frustrated. And I believe even that's an understatement. 

I'm Coach Vee, the New Love Strategist. I'm a certified life, dating, and relationship coach, and an online dating consultant. I help serious women successfully date in modern times, prepare for kingdom marriages, and ultimately win at love. Anyone can place "coach" in front of their name or say they're an expert, but I became certified because I wanted to be well-equipped to feed the harvest God was sending my way. And boy did they come!

During a devastating heartbreak, God made it clear that ministering to single Christian women was my purpose. I didn't know how seeing as how I was heartbroken, frustrated, and contemplating returning to my previous way of living. Sexless, devoted, and obedient wasn't working out for me, after all. But He took me on a journey of self-reflection, self-love, self-acceptance, and unconditional acceptance. Then He showed me what marriage is about. Like what it's really about. He showed me that marriage is a ministry and partnership. He showed me the roles of a wife. He taught me about true love, purpose, finances, submission, leadership, etc. It was intense! But once I had it figured out, He sent me to "reach [His] daughters".

2022 was a great year for many of my clients! The number 22 is significant for many reasons. Especially when God was showing and confirming that THIS (coaching and helping frustrated single women) was and is my purpose in life. 2023 is about to be even greater! I know that a group of you are about to see significant changes in your love life. And I'm here for it! But I'll tell you, I do things differently. I'm not like the other experts and coaches. Because I'm all about DWC: Dating while Christian. We do things differently. Worldly ways get worldly results. I'm here to help you renew your mind, not conforming to patterns of the world. 

It's simple. I help single, frustrated women renew their hearts, preparing them with the intentional dating skills necessary to win at Kingdom Love. 

How? Through a specially crafted approach I use to help you:

  • revisit the past to unpack some things you've buried and ignored

  • identify the habits that have kept you in repeat patterns

  • experience true deliverance from the strongholds working against you

  • live in harmony with yourself and your counterparts

I'm all about the 3D's: Dwell in God's love, Develop self-love, and Discover real love. It's that simple. 

There are 2 classes I've created that you'll see below (no cost) that have transformed the lives of countless women over the past few years. The dating masterclass is going to transform your dating life drastically and that's a promise. Because there are 7 tips I give FREE that have worked for my paid clients. So grab it, sis! And then for those of you who want to go a little bit deeper (and are OK with me stepping on toes) then you want to access the training that provides 10 things I see Christian women doing wrong in this season. Girl, I've got you covered!

The big news is that I've merged The Sassy Institute and New Love Language to create the N2L Community. This self-paced coaching gives you access to a new unlocked class every month that helps you become the woman that the man you're praying for is looking for. We're touching on the 12 things that God specifically showed me are necessary for women to work on when it comes to what the bible deems "a good thing." Attracting MVP's and becoming a godly wife requires preparation. It takes TIME (Time, Investment, Meaningfulness, and Effort). There's work to do! And the N2L community will help you out tremendously. 

Now, if you're feeling bold and if you're SERIOUS about doing the work to win at love, then don't miss out on my signature program New Heart Academy. NHA is my one-stop win at love shop. 12 workshops in 12 weeks. That's all I have is 12 weeks to help you transform in order to win. The thing is that relationships, love, marriage, transformation, etc all must take 3 things into consideration: faith, science, and spirit. Therapy is good. Biology plays a part. Prayer is important. But we have to combine the 3 to get results. This intense academy is going to help you heal and deal with trauma, unpack the past, gain confidence, understand men, provide you with advanced dating skills, have EXPRESSED boundaries, get and keep a man's attention, learn to love, and more. You come in one way and leave with a new heart. Literally. The way that God even renewed my heart as He downloaded the program and material to me was shocking! After graduating and obtaining a new heart, you will find yourself in that healthy relationship you were desiring sooner rather than later. IF you do the work!

All I'm saying is this: it's time. Stay ready so you don't have to rush and get ready. Question is, are you ready to become the woman that the man you're praying for is looking for?

I help women win at love. Kingdom love. A love that encompasses 2 people who are both dwelling in God's love, they've developed REAL self-love, and it's how they discovered true love with each other. And the love of God is evident in their union. So, yes. I'm here to help you too, sis.

Located in Charleston, SC, but coaching around the world

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