"Because it's time to rewire your brain when it comes to dating!"

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New Mindset

11/11/21 at 10 AM EST

Do you want love? You're trying to date with a purpose yet struggling? You desire marriage, but it seems as if nothing is working out for you?


Here's the thing. I encounter many women who can't win at love because their limiting belief is working against them. They want a good man and a healthy relationship, yet they're unaware that their mindset is preventing them from meeting valuable men. Notice I didn't say high-value or quality. Because at the end of the day, our value and identity are found in Christ, amen? But there are ladies that want to meet THEIR valuable guy. The one who'll add the most value to her life and purpose. The one who'll fit her vision and calling. A man who can appreciate her gifts, seeing that they can be used to the betterment of the 2 of them individually and as a couple. 

Is that the man you want to meet?

I get it! Because my ladies want MVPs (I explain what this is in class). The ones that'll add value to their lives and vice versa. And that's what I help them attract, date, and even marry. In 2020 alone, 5 ladies were married to the men that won them over! Glory to God! 

I want to help you as well, but your mindset has to be renewed. That's why I'm doing this workshop. 

New Mindset is going to help you in 4 areas:

  1. Identify your negative TWA seeds. I want you to see how your thoughts become words, and how your words become actions. We have to literally spend time looking at what you're planting and how it's interfering with what you want to reap. We're even going to determine what's been affecting your seeds...

  2. Positively Position yourself. Have you ever asked or wondered, "where are the good men?" or "How come those kind of men don't ever find me?" The one I laugh at is when women say, "Lord, I see what you're doing for other women!" Sis, it's time to get you in position!

  3. Attract MVPs. Yes, plural. Because until you realize that YOU have the power to choose, you'll steadily wait for "the one" to choose you. No,  I want you to attract the most valuable ones and then ensure you know how to choose wisely. 

  4. Own your new skillset. Because after we go through mindset renewal and literally rewiring your brain, it's time to ensure you have the Intentional Dating Skills I provide clients with. No more aimlessly wandering. It's time to get serious!

Are you ready is the question?

This workshop is live Thursday, November 11th at 10 AM until 2 PM. As long as you register, you'll get access to the replay and downloadable workbook. So no worries. 

Enroll, sis. Because it's time to rewire your brain when it comes to dating. Let's leave the limiting and negative beliefs in 2021 so you can win at love!

2 options available. Because after (or even before) you may want a 1-on-1 private virtual session with the New Love Strategist to really get you closer (quicker) to winning!

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