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WALCon (Virtual Conference)

WALCon (Virtual Conference)

Each year, you’ve been saying the previous year was your last year being single. You’ve been praying and preparing, but nothing has changed. Yet. 

And I know why. 

You want to win, but you still have some things to lose. What do I mean?

Here’s the thing. The enemy is out to steal, kill, and destroy. Meaning what? That he can only take what wasn’t his, kill things God wants to live, and destroy things he never even built. You’ve been wandering aimlessly, dating by faith, trusting God, but unaware of the strategies of the one we’re clearly instructed to be aware of. 


For years, I’ve worked with women who were unable to meet an amazing man and win at love because they were stuck in the past, unbeknownst to them. Things their mothers and grandmothers didn’t break have been keeping them in chains. Curses from generation to generation have plagued their lives as the enemy has delighted. 


You have an opportunity to start fresh next year so you can win! Join me virtually, for the  annual WALCon event! What’s that? The Win at Love Conference with me, Coach Vee. As a certified life, dating, and relationship coach (along with online dating consultant), I’ve been able to help ladies experience deliverance, inner healing, and Kingdom love (in that order). 


In this virtual conference, you’ll...
•    Experience deliverance in areas that had you mentally and emotionally in bondage
•    Discover exactly how your past has been keeping you in chains
•    Heal from open wounds that have bled over your love life
•    Delve into the affected areas shaped by your parents that have tainted your trajectory
•    Learn what Kingdom love is so that you date and do relationships differently going forward
•    Obtain 7 implementable strategies that can IMMEDIATELY be put to use to win at love

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