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Get Noticed by Single Men

Are you having a hard time getting a man's attention? I would assume this would make it a bit difficult to put an end to your season of being single. You're ready to date and step out, yet no one seems to be checking for you. How sway?! You're probably questioning if you're invisible. I get it. This is a frustration I hear all too often from women. Have no fear, I'm here to help. Let's examine a few reasons why you just might not be getting approached.

The obvious. Do you leave your house? Women claim they want to meet someone yet they don't go anywhere. Well, let me rephrase that. They don't understand why no one approaches them in between going to work, church, and the grocery store. Well, this can make it a bit difficult. Not impossible, just difficult. Unless there are an abundance of single men at your job and church, you may need to do a bit more. If this doesn't seem feasible, then maybe online dating is for you.

So, leaving your house and going places are a start. But what is your appearance like when you leave the house? Remember: dress how you want to be addressed. As Christian women, we should be modestly dressed. We shouldn't be exposing too much skin and intentionally showing curves, cleavage, etc. I've seen some questionable fashionable trends lately that have floored me. We are set apart. We don't operate the way the world does. But not just dressing appropriately, are you dressed in a manner that would have a decent man wanting to approach you? I never say this to sound harsh, but a poor outer appearance can reveal a lot about a personality. If you don't take time to appear decent and in order, why would a man seriously want to get to know you? This isn't about being dolled up with a face full of makeup. But put some effort in there!

Leaving the house and getting cute are cool, but where are you going? Here's the key: think of your ideal guy, the kind of man you desire. The man that's perfect for you and you're perfect for him. Think about his personality. Think about your deal breakers and boundaries. Now as you think about this man you would want to spend the rest of your life with, where would he be? Where would he spend his free time? It's amazing to hear how many women don't want a man that clubs but they get cute and go to a nightclub because their husband might be there. What? Help me. Because currently it doesn't make sense. Where would your ideal guy be at in his free time? Go there!

And when you get there, could you smile? Look approachable. Get your face out of your phone. Make eye contact. Be polite. Use manners and act as if you're not going to explode if someone comes your way. I enjoy having random conversations with anyone, no matter where I'm at. Store, gas station, gathering, party, church, standing in line, you name it. Show that you're friendly. If you're not, try the Attitude Adjustment before trying to date...

If you're going to step out hoping to meet someone, learn to chill out. Don't be eager and desperate. Men pick up on this. They'll take advantage and you may find yourself making a decision you'll later regret. Play it cool. You may get approached, you may not. You have time to make it happen. And there are always different places to go. It's not like we want any ol body to approach us, either. So don't be upset if no one speaks. Also, it wouldn't hurt you to speak... Just don't be too flirty. Men see this as easy and desperate, not "this may be my wife."

I could go on and on. But I'm sure there are some things you can relate to and work on from what I've mentioned thus far. If you really want to meet a good, Christian man, you can. Because they're out there, regardless of what anyone else is saying. Remember that you have a job to do, though. Keep your focus on God, first and foremost. He must be at the center, or every relationship will fail. Secondly, become the person that the person you're looking for is looking for. Your ideal guy that you have in your head? Would he want you? If not, become her. If so, put yourself out there to cross paths with him. Thus the whole meaning behind Proverbs 18:22. It's a ready man that comes across a ready woman. He sees the wife in his face and is wise enough to make her his wife. If you're just not good with the dating thing or wanting some additional help, I'm here for you. Visit the dating site here to see the different options I have for single women like yourself.

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